The protests may end but the work must continue. Those of us who are sequestered at home can help sustain the movement by acting now and planning for the future.

Sitting at the intersection of pandemic and protests, some of us must act from home. For a variety of reasons, we can’t join our fellow humans on the streets to raise our voices together. However, our commitment is strong to work for a better and more just world.

Do something

black lives matter grafitti
flat screen tv

Watch a Movie

We can be intentional about our screen time and move outside of our comfort zone. Slate’s list of movies released for free because of the

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pages of a book

Read a Book

There are many new and powerful books to explore. Books about racism from the New York Times Books about Disability Rights Please recommend books in

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coffee shop

Patronizing Businesses

Intentionally support businesses that reflect our values. Black Owned businesses in Philadelphia National Directory of Black Owned Businesses Please put other resources in the comments

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